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To God be the glory.

Great things He hath done. The Books are all Christian based. Allowing the world to experience lives and existence, from the Christian perspective. That God is love and there is always hope, when you call on Him. That you never lose, until you quit. 

So don’t quit!

About the author

Lin’s heart has always been to write poetry. She always joked, she seemed to see everything in her mind as rhyme and reason. She knows God has given her this special story to bring help and hope to the hurting. To pick up the broken hearts, show them the love and healing from God, their Creator and understanding of the power of Jesus Christ. 

In her childhood, she was raised in poverty, the poor girl in school. She lets you see, how being poor, through Christ, she had untold riches and power. 

This fictitious story is full of her real-life experiences, woven into this fictional book. 

Being God’s warrior and on the front lines of spiritual battles for years. She teaches you how to deal with demonic forces, how to fight them in the name of Jesus Christ. How to be bold, victorious and how to set the captives free. 

Her pen name has always been Abba Lin. Abba, meaning, God, her Father, Lin, meaning His daughter. In other words, Daddy’s girl.

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