book Reviews

Reviewed from Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite

“This is an inspirational and very comforting book. Lin is a character that makes you feel like she is part of your family, which in turn makes you invested in her growth. I enjoyed that she never seemed to give up; every time life knocked her down, she would simply brush off the hurt and get back to her feet. The author has done a wonderful job of not only making her a believable character but giving her a strength that we find in the women in our lives. The pace was great, the flow of the story was wonderful and the overall atmosphere was perfect for the story. Lin’s development arc is steady; it builds with the story and reaches a peak with it. This was a wonderful read!“

Reviewed by Ruffina Oserio for Readers' Favorite

“This is a beautiful story and there is a lot to  enjoy in it. The reader meets the protagonist from the very first page and gets acquainted with her relationship with Jesus, and it is this relationship that will console her in the dark moments of her life. The story is fast-paced and emotionally rich, exploring the psyche of the key characters in subtle yet compelling ways. The theme of faith is deftly developed and I also loved the fact that the writing didn’t come across as preachy in this area. GraceLin is infused with pathos, told in a voice that is compelling and compassionate, featuring characters that are deeply human, genuinely flawed, and navigating a world that is filled with temptation and pain. Abba Lin’s novel is inspiring and entertaining, a novel about the power of faith.“

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

“This story is rich in many aspects. The characters are real and readers are introduced to spiritual frenzy with evocations of Ouija boards, dealings with demons, and spiritual warfare. The novel explores a variety of themes, including family, the painful reality of death and loss, exorcism, love, and a relationship with God. The writing is deeply moving, with strong lyrical undercurrents and engaging conversations. The plot is simple; the author keeps it real and explores the humanity of the characters. The suspense is biting, especially in those moments when readers long to see what choices the protagonist is about to make. This is a story about the triumph of faith and love. I was pulled in by the way the author explores the heart and the inner world of the protagonist, using streams of consciousness to plumb the depths of her thoughts and feelings. It is a delightful read, to say the least.“

Reviewed by US Book Review

“As the title implies, this book is concerned with conspiracy theories that are prevalent in today’s world. Many of these theories are presented within the narrative. Readers not familiar with such conspiracies may find the book interesting as it includes numerous modern theories. The plot is based on the concept of good vs. evil, it does present some intriguing situations and plot twists as Lin and her friends take on evildoers. Readers who enjoy reading Christian literature will find the references to the power of God and the deep devotion of its main character refreshing. Many will want to follow the adventures of Lin and John Jr. as they continue their stand against evil in the next installment of the series.“